After School Child Care

Newark Unified School District offers before and afterschool child care at Musick Elementary School. For more information please call (510) 818-4138 or (510) 818-4223, or stop by our office located at 5715 Musick Ave. on the Musick Campus.


We have different options for parents to enroll their children; from kindergarten to 6th grade, from prepaid drop off (twice monthly maximum) to 6, 12, 20, 30 and 40 hours monthly. We also have alternative payment program referral contact information from 4C’s, Child Care Links, and Child, Family and Community Services.


We have safe classrooms offering your children the opportunity to do their homework, play and socialize with other friends, eat healthy snacks, and be relaxed after a long day of school.  


We are always looking for more families to serve in our Newark Community.


Nidia Sanchez-Rico

Child Care Coordinator

School campus Room #24


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Helpful Parent Info

Common Core Math Night

Click here to see the Powerpoint from our Common Core Math Night at Musick Elementary on Wednesday, April 1:

Common Core presentation by Hilda Aguilar, Math Coach

Tips for Helping Your Child at Home with Math Homework


Keep anxiety low. If it becomes too stressful, draw a line on the math page and stop. It's better the teacher know that it was a difficult concept than to return it complete and it's not understood.


Ask the teacher if student can take home math notebook or that day's class work.


Look for online tutorials by exact lesson! Try this:

Click on “General Math Resources K-5”, scroll down to “All Engage NY Videos”, and select grade level and then lesson (Grades 2-5 at this time)


If your child says, "…but this is how my teacher said to do it....", just go with it!


Understand this is all new- to teachers, students, and parents! Be easy on yourself this year!


Common Core math is taught AS IF your child had that rigor last year. We are on a learning curve.




Calling in your child’s daily absences is very, very important.  The office phone number is 510-818-4000.  This number has voicemail so a message can be left at any time day or night.  Absences should be called in each day as soon as possible but no later than 9:15 a.m.  When doing so, please leave the following information:


  1. Please say your child’s name clearly.  Spelling the first and last name is very helpful.
  2. Teacher’s name and room number.
  3. Reason for the absence, ie:  illness, dental or doctor appointment, out of town, etc.
  4. Please leave a call back number for any questions the office may have.

It is a parent’s responsibility to do this with each absence.  The office will make phone calls each day to clear absences but it is most helpful if parent’s helped us by calling first!

Musick School appreciates all our parents very much!




If your child misses school, it is very important to either call or send a note indicating why your child was out.  Parents/Guardians will have three (3) school days to clear an absence following the return of their child to school.  If proper verification is not provided within three (3) school days, the absence will be recorded as unexcused (NUSD AR 5113).


If your child has a medical appointment we ask that you schedule the appointment after school.  If this cannot be avoided, in order to make the tardy an excused tardy, please ask the medical office to provide you with a slip indicating your child was at a medical appointment.  Newark Unified Administrative Regulation 5113 does state, “When a student has had 10 absences in the school year for illness, any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician.”  If a doctor’s note is not provided following the 10th illness the absences will be recorded as unexcused.



Parents need to allow our office 24 hours turn around time when they are requesting enrollment verification letters.  Thank you in advance for planning ahead.


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6th Grade Parents

Requirements for entrance to 7th grade:

1.  The 3rd shot for Hep B

2.  Tdap Immunization – (Whooping cough shot)

3.  Proof of Immunization for both of these shots.

4.  Rules from the junior high:


If you have any questions, please call the junior high school at 510-818-3005.

Math Resources for Parents

Parent Roadmaps to Common Core Math in English and Spanish


Engage NY Resources


Engage NY Videos, grades 2-5, by Grade Level and Module (scroll down page)


Math Tips for Parents by Grade Level and Module





Please help us keep our students safe at Musick School while entering and leaving our parking lot.  Walking to school is highly encouraged, but if you can’t, please follow the rules carefully.  Parking your car on the street and walking up to the school is also a safe idea.  Our parking lot is very small and the elimination of too many cars entering the lot would decrease the danger that exists each day.  If you must drive, please follow these important safety rules:

  1. When entering the parking lot, please pull all the way over to the yellow curb as far forward as you can to drop off your child.  The left lane must remain clear at all times. 
  2. When picking up your child after school, never leave your car unattended or stopped for a long period of time unless you are in a parking space.  The yellow curb is for loading and unloading only.  Tickets from Newark Police Department have been issued in the past.
  3. Please wait patiently in line and continue to move up as cars pull away.
  4. Please stop at the exit and look both ways before making a left or right turn.
  5. Most importantly – Do not stop in the street and let students out to cross the street or encourage them to run to your car and get in.  This is so dangerous!
  6. Children and parents need to use both crosswalks located at each end of our parking lots.  Please drive slowly and cautiously.
  7. Thank you in advance for your patience, care and courtesy each day!




For the safety and protection of our students, we would like to remind all parents that you are not allowed to go to the playgrounds, classroom doors, and bathrooms before school.  Please wait with your students in the front of the school for the 8:00 a.m. bell to ring. 


At that time, the students are led down the hall way or to the upper grade playground for their 10 minute recess before school starts.  There is a teacher on yard duty and they will watch over the students. 


For our kindergarten parents who are dropping off and picking up their students to Room 14, please walk to the end of the first building and enter the kindergarten playground by the side entrance.  This assures the protection of our students. 


If you need to talk to a teacher, you may leave a note in the office or call and leave a voicemail message for your child’s teacher.  Thank you very much for your special attention to this rule and keeping our students safe.



The office will not interrupt prime teaching time to deliver messages that are not urgent.  Every message or item delivered is a distraction to students’ classroom time.  Please pre-plan emergency strategies with your children and please let your child know what he/she should be doing after school.


Messages are only delivered to students when there is an emergency situation.  The following situations are NOT considered emergencies:


“Don’t walk home – I’ll pick you up.”  “Walk home – I cannot pick you up.”


Students may stop by the office during non-class time to inquire if items have been dropped off for them, such as lunches, homework, projects, books, etc.




If you allow your child to carry a cell phone, please be careful and use the following guidelines:

1.  Cell phones are to be completely turned off and put away at school.  Cell phones need to be in a safe place inside the student’s backpack.

2.  Check your child’s cell phone each day and review the call logs, text logs, pictures, and other activity that has occurred.

3.  Review the features of the cell phone and use a password to prevent your child from deleting content.  This will allow you to review everything that has happened on the cell phone.

4.  Talk to your child about the proper use of cell phones.  Students are not allowed to use the cell phones to spread rumors, threaten other students, or send inappropriate messages that could make others uncomfortable.




All visitors to the Musick School Campus must come to the office and sign in during the school day.  This is for your child’s safety as well as yours.  In case of an emergency situation every person on campus must be accounted for. 


The sign-in binder is in the office on the counter along with visitor stickers.  If you need to get something to your child, please let the office staff help you.  Please do not go directly to the classroom door and disturb the teacher while they are in session. 


For everyone’s safety we consider the campus a “closed campus” while the students are in classes.  Thank you for your understanding.




Musick School continues our procedure and practice of checking identification for parents picking up their children during the school day hours of 8:10 - 2:32 p.m.  Please remember to bring your ID with you when you come to the school office.  This would also be most important when you are sending someone else other than yourself and only those people listed on the emergency card as designated people to pick up your child.  This is all for the protection of your child. 


Also, please instruct anyone picking up your child to go directly to the office.  We will follow this procedure for sign out and ID check before the student is called to the office.


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