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Lunch Menu

Elementary Lunch Menus


Click the link above for information about menus, online payments, and breakfast program.

Lunch Prices

Monthly Lunch Prices for 15/16 School Year

Monthly Price at Musick School:

Aug/Sept - $62.40

October -   $54.60

November - $39.00

December - $36.40

January - $46.80

February - $49.04

March - $44.20

April - $49.40

May - $54.60

June - $31.20


Checks should be for 10 or more lunches.  That is a minimum of $25.00 for full paid students and $4.00 for reduced students.

Meal Prices

Breakfast $1.50 /free

Lunch $2.60/ $0.40

Milk  $0.50


Please call 510-818-4281 for questions.


Remember, students must select one serving of vegetables and one serving of fruit.

Also, food from Child Nutrition must be eaten by the student in the cafeteria or at the outside lunch table.


Healthy Schools Act AB2260

The Healthy Schools Act establishes requirements for school districts when pesticide applications are made at California public K-12 schools. To view the California Healthy School Act and the Integrated Pest Management Plan (new requirement) for Newark Unified School District, go to http://nusd.ca.schoolloop.com. Click on the quick link , Healthy Schools Act. This information is also available for viewing at your school’s office.



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LCAP Feedback Survey

LCAP Feedback Survey 



Newark Unified is seeking input from parents to help us shape our goals and priorities for the coming three years. Your feedback will provide important information on how well we are doing in meeting our goals and direction on how we can improve. The window for our LCAP Feedback Survey opens Monday November 9thand runs through Friday November 20thThe survey is available online through: (a) a home computer, (b) a smart phone, or (c) on a computer set up at your child’s school. Please check on the district or school website beginning November 9th for a link to the survey, or stop by the school office. We very much look forward to your feedback. Thank you.



La encuesta de comentario sobre LCAP



El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Newark está buscando comentario de los padres para ayudarnos a  desarrollar nuestras metas y prioridades para los próximos tres años. Su comentario proveerá información importante sobre nuestro progreso en el cumplimiento de los objetivos y dirección en cómo podemos mejorar. El periodo para contestar la encuesta de comentario sobre LCAP comienza lunes, el 9 de noviembre y termina viernes, el 20 de noviembreLa encuesta está disponible en línea por medio de: (a) una computadora en casa, (b) un Smartphone, o (c) una computadora en la escuela de su hijo. Véase el sitio web del distrito o de la escuela a partir del 9 de noviembre para un enlace a la encuesta, o pase por la oficina de la escuela. Esperamos sus comentarios. Gracias.

Congratulations Student Leaders

Our school is proud of the hard work and determination of this year's candidates. Each candidate is a worthy student leader and campaigned like the pros!  The students have voted!  Our new student council executive board is as follows:

President: David G.

Vice President:Karina P.

Secretary:Angelina C.

Treasurer:Valeria A.- G.


Traffic Safety - seguridad vial

As we begin the school year, Newark Police Department will begin citing drivers whenever necessary to encourage compliance of traffic laws and to reinforce that safety of our children is a priority.

There have been multiple incidents endangering children even a child being struck and several near misses.  Please remember that children’s cognitive abilities are still developing and they lack training and experience in traffic safety.  

Keys to avoid receiving a citation:

  • Drive Slow
  • Do not make illegal U-turns
  • Have car seats for children
  • Have seat belts on all passengers
  • Make a “full-stop” at stop signs

Putting our children at risk is not worth the few minutes you may save by rushing and breaking these suggestions.  Newark Unified School District and the Newark Police Department want to keep everyone safe.

Safety reminders for children walking to school:

  • Walk, don’t run across the street
  • Look left, look right and left again
  • Obey Walk/Wait signals
  • Do not cross at mid-block locations
  • Use crosswalks

Safety reminders for children biking to school:

  • Always wear a properly fastened and fitted helmet
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Ride in the same direction as motor vehicles
  • Check traffic when changing lanes, crossing streets or turning
  • Use hand signals

Understanding California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance Reports

Below is a short video that will help you understand your student's assessment results.  Like the new learning goals they were designed to measure, the CAASPP tests for ELA and mathematics are too fundamentally different from the old assessments to make any reliable comparisons between old scores and new. That is why this year’s scores are better thought of as a starting point—a baseline for the progress students are expected to make over time.

Understanding Your Child's Score Report


(Video; 3:38) Explains the new CAASPP Student Score Report for 2015.

Entendiendo el Reporte de Calificaciones Individual de CAASPP del Estudiante 


(Video; 4:34) Este vídeo le ayudará a usted y a su hijo a aprender sobre el nuevo “Reporte de Calificaciones del Estudiante” de California y de los resultados de los exámenes estandarizados de fin de año.


LCAP Advisory Committee Applicants Wanted
LCAP Advisory Committee Application - November 9 – Dec 8, 2015 - In 2013 - 2014, the state of California changed the way it funds school districts.  The new model, called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), allows distri... Continue

Welcome Mrs. Golliher!


Dear Musick Families,

Welcome to a new, exciting school year! I am honored to join the Musick family as the new principal. Although I look forward to meeting each of you in person, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a Michigan transplant to the Bay Area and can’t stop myself from cheering on my U of M alma mater. I love the Bay Area and continued my education and began my career here also. After 9 years working alongside my Alameda Unified family, I decided it was time to be closer to home.  I was thrilled when I discovered that a position had opened up here at Musick, a mere 2 miles from my house.  I am proud to live in this community with my husband and twin one-year old daughters, and extremely grateful to become part of Newark’s Musick family as well. I am delighted to be your principal, and I am looking forward to working together to create a shared partnership in your child’s education here at Musick Elementary!

Make no mistake about it; there is no better place for your child than here at Musick Elementary. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate in ensuring our students, your children, have every opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and caring community. They maintain a personal commitment to preparing exceptional instruction for our students! We understand that every child is their own unique being and learns in different ways. We constantly strive to provide tiered and varying instruction to meet every child’s needs. After all, that is the very purpose of education.

Your participation in your child’s education is welcome and desired. Please attend Back to School Night on Thursday, September 10 to meet the staff and learn about academic and behavior expectations. Get involved in the Parent Teacher Association and attend as many school functions as possible. Check out the school’s webpage for information and upcoming events (www.musick-nusd-ca.schoolloop.com). Communicate with your child’s teacher as needed, and don’t hesitate to call the office or stop in for a visit with me.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know all of our Musick families.  Working together, I am confident this year will be filled with amazing learning experiences and wonderful memories.




Mrs. Amanda Golliher


Agosto del 2015


Estimadas Familias de Musick,

¡Bienvenidos a un nuevo y emocionante año escolar!  Estoy honrada de formar parte de la familia de Musick como nueva directora.  A pesar de que estoy esperando el conocerlos en persona a cada uno de ustedes, me gustaría tomar esta oportunidad para presentarme a mí misma.   Soy un transplante de Michigan al Area de la Bahia.  Me encanta el Área de la Bahía y continué mi educación y comencé mi carrera aquí también.  Después de 9 años trabajando hombro a hombro con mi familia del Distrito Unificado de Alameda, decidí que era tiempo para estar más cerca de mi hogar.  Me sorprendí mucho cuando descubrí que una posición se había abierto aquí en Musick, a tan solo 2 millas de mi casa.  Estoy orgullosa de vivir en esta comunidad con mi esposo y mis hijas gemelas de un año de edad, y extremadamente agradecida por también ser parte de la familia de Musick aquí en Newark.  ¡Estoy complacida en ser su directora, y espero con emoción el trabajar juntos para crear un equipo compartido en la educación de su niño aquí en la Primaria Musick!

No hay ningún error; no hay un mejor lugar para su niño que el estar aquí en la Primaria Musick.  Nuestro equipo consiste de profesionales dedicados que están apasionados en asegurar que nuestros estudiantes, sus niños, tengan cada oportunidad para aprender y crecer en una comunidad segura.  ¡Ellos mantienen una dedicación personal para preparar una enseñanza excepcional para nuestros estudiantes!  Nosotros entendemos que cada niño es un ser único y que aprenden en diferentes formas.  Nosotros constantemente luchamos para proveer niveles y diferentes estilos de enseñanza para alcanzar las necesidades de cada niño.  Después de todo, esta es la única intención de la educación.

Su participación en la educación de su niño es bienvenida y deseada.  Por favor participe en nuestra Noche de Regreso a la Escuela el jueves, 10 de septiembre, para reunirse con el personal y aprender más sobre las expectaciones académicas y de comportamiento.  Involúcrese con la Asociación de Padres de Familia y Maestros y participe en tantas funciones como sea posible.  Revise la página de internet de la escuela para obtener información sobre los eventos futuros (www.musick-nusd-ca.schoolloop.com).  Comuníquese con el maestro de su niño, tanto como sea necesario, y no dude en llamar a la oficina o de pasar a visitarme. 

Espero con emoción el reunirme con ustedes y el poder llegar conocer a todas nuestras familias de Musick.   Trabajando juntos, tengo la confianza de que este año estará lleno de experiencias de aprendizaje sorprendentes y de memorias maravillosas.




Sra. Amanda Golliher


Registration 2015-2016

Registration Guidelines

For the 2015-2016 School Year


If you have a child turning 5 years old on or before September 1, 2015, he/she is eligible for kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year.


Registration packets will be available in our office starting, Tuesday, 3/10/15. To complete the registration process, you will need to bring the following items when you return with your completed registration packet.


  • 2 Proof of residency – a current rental agreement or mortgage statement AND a current PG & E or water bill (no copies).


  • Original Birth certificate (certificate of live birth from the county of birth, not a hospital certificate) or a Passport.


  • Immunization records that include:
    • Polio - 4 doses
    • DTaP/DPT - 5 doses (last doses after the age of 4)
    • Measles, Mumps and Rubella/MMR - 2 doses (one dose after the age of 1)
    • Hepatitis B - 3 doses
    • Varicella/Chicken Pox vaccine – 1 dose


  • Test for TB – Tuberculin Skin Test, we need:
    • the date the test was given
    • the date the test was read
    • the result of the TB test

If the Doctor deems this not necessary, we must have a signed statement stating this from the Doctor stating there are NO RISK FACTORS.


  • For Kindergarten students, a physical examination from a doctor given and dated after      March 1, 2015.  This must include a complete health history, complete physical exam including blood, urine, and TB test.


  • Oral Health Assessment per Ed. Code Section 49452.8, which requires Kindergarten and 1st grade students submit proof of an oral health assessment performed by a licensed dentist. This exam must be done after September 1, 2014.


  • Registration packet with all forms filled out and returned to the school.



Only after ALL the registration requirements are met will your child will be enrolled at Musick.


                               *** REGISTRATION STARTS:  TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015 ***

Transfer Information for 2015-2016

Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfer) Requests for the 2015-2016 School Year


If you would like to have your child attend a different elementary school for the 2015-2016 school year, you will need to complete an Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfer) Request form. These forms can be picked up at the office of the school your child is currently attending, the district website, or at the front desk of the District Office. Space is always limited so it is extremely important to fill out and turn in the form as quickly as possible. All Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfer) Requests should be turned in to the District Office between January 5, and January 30, 2015. Students who have been overflowed to a different school will need to complete an Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfer) Request form if they wish to remain at their current school. If you have any questions, the school office should be able to help you. Thank you.


Pedidos de Open Enrollment (Transferencia dentro del) Distrito para el Año escolar 2015-2016

Si usted quisiera que su hijo/a asista a una diferente escuela primaria para el año escolar 2015-2016, tiene que llenar un formulario de Pedido de transferencia dentro del distrito (Intra-District Transfer Request.) Se puede obtener un formulario en la oficina de la escuela a la cual su hijo/a asiste actualmente, en el sitio WEB de su escuela o en la recepción (front desk) de la Oficina del Distrito Hay espacio limitado así que es muy importante llenar y entregar el formulario lo más pronto.  Se debe entregar todos los pedidos de transferencia (Open enrollment) dentro del distrito a la Oficina del Distrito entre el 5 el 30 de enero, 2015. Los estudiantes que han sido traslados a otra escuela por “overflow” (exceso de estudiantes) deben llenar un formulario de Pedido de transferencia dentro del distrito (Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfer) Request ) si quieren quedarse en su escuela actual. La oficina escolar puede ayudarlo con cualquier pregunta que tenga. Gracias.


Pictures of Staff

Home of the Leopards

5735 Musick Avenue

Newark, CA 94560

(510) 818-4000

FAX (510) 791-5792

Just How Important is School Attendance?

It will surprise many parents that, in fact, their student(s) are considered chronic absent, truant, or both.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing more than 10% of instructional time for any ...more

School Hours

Transitional Kindergarten Class

8:15 – 12:15 A.M.

Kinder – 6th Grade

8:10 A.M. – 2:32 P.M.


FRIDAY  K – 6th Grade

8:10 A.M. – 1:05 P.M.




TK Class         9:30 - 10:00 AM

Kinder          10:00 - 10:30 AM

1st – 6th      10:15 – 10:30 A.M.




K – 3rd Grade    11:30 - 12:10

4th - 6th  Grade  12:10 - 12:50

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assure all Musick students regardless of race, gender, language, economic status or special needs, work towards mastery of the Common Core State Standards in a caring and enriched learning community characterized by high expectations, creativity, and a rigorous academic environment.

Student Handbook

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Attention Parents!

An electronic version of our School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available on Newark Unified School District's website hereIn addition, a paper copy is available in our school office for your review.

Smarter Balanced Practice Test

The practice test for the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is available online. Click here to access it. Sign in as a guest, choose your grade level, and your test (Math Practice, Math Performance, ELA Practice, or ELA Performance).

Internet Essentials from Comcast

If your child receives free school lunch, you may qualify for Internet Essentials from Comcast. This includes internet access for $9.95 per month and a computer for $149.99. For more information, click here.